Certificate Selection
Hi! You have received a certificate as a gift. We are jealous :) To use the services, select the type of certificate from the list and click on the red button
Do you have a certificate for sewing shoes?
If you have received a certificate for individual shoe tailoring in one of the stores, follow the link
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to go to a restaurant for entertainment with a certificate?
Yes, you can. Just carefully read the terms on the website and on the certificate.
What are the conditions of the certificate?
All conditions of the certificate are indicated on the reverse side. And also on the site at the end of each page. Please note that certificates are valid from any amount and can be a 100% discount on any service
How long is the certificate valid?
The certificate is valid from 30 to 60 days from the date of issue. Other conditions are always written on the certificate itself.
Is it possible to transfer/give a certificate to a friend/wife, etc.
Is it possible to transfer/give a certificate to a friend/wife, etc.The certificate is not registered, so anyone can use the services of the certificate.
Is it possible to purchase certificates for corporate gifts or for children to go to school?

Yes, it is possible. For all the details, you can contact by phone:
What should I do if the certificate expires?
Unfortunately, your certificate will not be accepted at the restaurant or entertainment center. Therefore, you can make 1 more purchase from our partners, and get 1 more certificate as a gift.
Who is the organizer of the promotion and gifts?
The organizer of the action is the company ActionMarket. If you are a business owner and want to organize a cross-marketing campaign, leave a request on the website actionmarket.ru , and our representative will contact you.
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